Welcome to the Young Political Bloggers

The Young Political Bloggers is an exciting, constantly evolving and developing project based remotely around the UK offering regular political analysis and commentary by young people for other young around the United Kingdom.

The project produces an online blog updated almost every day and an e-magazine that is published monthly.

All activities the project completes are non-aligned politically, socially or economically wishing to provide articles from across the political spectrum in a non-biased way.

Created in May 2010, after the general election that produced a coalition government, I wanted to provide a forum for debate and discussion on all issues political and affecting young people today. After a successful, first few months, the site closed in December 2010, for a re-launch in January 2011.

Membership of the Young Political Bloggers is entirely voluntary and therefore, is entirely unpaid. No member of the team receives any form of wage, salary or pension contribution. With this in mind, the editorial board will never make demands of the team with deadlines being relatively flexible.